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Using Energy Strategies to Build Competitive Advantages

Energy Evolved

Webinar Description:

This is the first webinar in our ongoing series entitled, "e2 Energy Evolution", where we will be exploring how effective energy strategies and innovations can be used to develop new value and to stand out from the crowd. The first topic we will be covering is, “Using Energy Strategies to Build Competitive Advantages”. In the session, we will explore foundational elements of energy strategies which can be used by organizations to improve financial performance, increase sustainability, and create new opportunities. In line with these objectives, we will cover the 4-Levels of Effective Energy Strategy which are:

  1. Setting Strategic Foundations

  2. Elevating Through Energy

  3. Innovating and Optimizing with Energy

  4. Building an Energy Culture

In this first webinar of our new series, we will lay the foundations for future sessions focusing on discovering value through energy.

We look forward to welcoming you on this journey and to supporting you on your path to discovering how the "e2 Energy Evolution" can benefit you.

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