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projectScape by PP&A


Market intelligence and project data for companies working at the leading edges of innovation

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Add a New Company to the projectScape

Company owners or designated company representatives may edit their respective company's content and data found in the projectScape.  

Why become an Company Editor:

  • Expand your companies reach and visibility with key investors, organizations, regulators, and end-users

  • Control and refine your company information to ensure accuracy and completeness

  • Ensure that your message is communicated in a concise and understandable manner

  • Highlight-key strengths of your companies respective performance and projects

  • Collaborate with PP&A and other industry experts to explore some of the most innovative topics of our time

What you'll need:

  • Select your current company or companies

  • Add a company should it not yet exist

  • Provide and verify company email address

  • Provide current role at company

Requirements and Standards of Conduct::

  • Company Editors are encouraged to be active contributors and curators of their company's content 

  • Editors should strive to ensure data found within projectScape remains factual and non-biased 

  • Company Profiles may also be updated and edited by our handpicked General Editor community of industry and technology contributors as required 

  • We expect all Editors to uphold high ethical standards when providing and sourcing data while being mindful of proprietary information and maintain trust within the platform

  • Any violation of the projectScape Standards of Conduct may result in the immediate termination of an individuals Editor status​

Step 1: Check to see if your company already exists in our records

Search for your company in the projectScape:

Company name:

Click to add company

Company name

Step 2: Didn't find your company? 

Add a new company here.

Step 3: Add your company to the projectScape

New company name:

Company website:

Please select industry focus:

Automotive & Mobility


Consumer Goods / Products


Energy & Environment

Engineered Products & Materials

Financial Institutions

Health Care

Industrial Goods / Products

Information Technology


Internet of Things / Sensors

Media & Entertainment

Medical Technology

Mining & Metals

Public Sector


Smart-Cities / Infrastructure


Travel & Tourism

Other industry:

Please select innovation technology in focus:

Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain / DLT

Internet of Things

Quantum Computing

Robotics and Automation


Other technology

Step 4: Do you want Editing Rights 

As a company representative you may edit your designated company profiles.

Step 5: Verify company affiliation:

To verify your affiliation with the company please provide your company email address, your current role at the company, and any other details we should consider when reviewing your request for editing rights.​

Company email:

Current role:

Addition Information (optional):

LinkedIn profile:

Processing your submission

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Congratulations and thank you, we have received your submission

A member of our team will review your submission and contact you shortly with the results.

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