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| Tech Series

Executive Workshop

Unlocking Blockchain in the Energy Industry

Workshop Agenda

Introduction to blockchain technology | It’s not Bitcoin

Covers the basics of what is blockchain, where did it come from, and what makes it different from other solutions used in the past

Understanding how blockchain technology works

Peeling back the second layer of the onion to have a closer look at how the technology works regarding architecture, networks, nodes, forks, and consensus mechanisms

Crypto-currencies and ICO

Covering tokens, coins, and ICOs and how blockchain companies leverage these to create value propositions, including considerations on utility vs. security tokens, alt-coins, and VC/funding

Proliferation of smart contracts and implications

Detailed overview of smart contracts as the cornerstone of blockchain-based transaction platforms and process automation

Blockchain industry trends, aspirations, and use cases

Perspectives on how blockchain is already impacting the status quo for a variety of industries and government organizations

Blockchain in energy overview

Leveraging blockchain to rethink the energy industry; aspirations and activities regarding transactive energy and other energy concepts

Applications seen today in blockchain and energy

Use case and company deep-dives illustrating current energy blockchain activity seen in the market

Opportunities, challenges, and considerations

Pathways and considerations for energy organizations looking to get started with blockchain technology

Workshop Agenda

About PP&A

PP&A has established itself as a leading authority on blockchain topics by working and collaborating with a variety of front-running organizations in the space as well as covering and assessing how blockchain technology may impact businesses, governments, and societies as a whole. Combining this experience with its deep-rooted energy expertise gained by supporting a variety of leading energy organizations across the value chain, PP&A is in a unique position to bridge the gaps between blockchain technology and the modern day energy industry.

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Unlocking Blockchain in the Energy Industry

Who Should Attend:


  • Energy executives and managers

  • IT and engineering executives and managers

  • Regulators and regulatory staff

  • Energy market analysts

  • Energy-related service providers

  • Financiers and investors


Workshop Details:


This full day executive workshop takes place onsite at the office location of the respective client.

Workshop Description

In our “Unlocking Blockchain for Energy | Executive Workshop”, we provide energy industry-specific perspectives of how and where blockchain is impacting the energy value chain today. Using insights generated through our recent assessment of over 100 companies currently active in the blockchain energy space, our team will elaborate on industry-specific use cases and applications for generators, transmission service organizations, regulators, wholesalers/retailers, and other energy service providers. Topics covered include transactive energy with blockchain, current leaders in the sector, state of the technology, and regulatory considerations.


As a result of this executive workshop, participants will have a solid foundational understanding of blockchain technology as well as of how blockchain is being used in the energy industry today. With this understanding, participants achieve a sense of clarity about blockchain technology and have the ability to consider how blockchain may impact their respective processes, business lines, and organizations.​












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