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Systematic growth through achievement

Your development is our development

Progression in a consulting career follows a structured path starting from an analyst and leads ultimately to reaching partnership.


New consultants start their development process through hands-on experience of assembling client deliverables to master the fundamentals of consulting. Building upon these skills, consultants gain expertise in problem-solving as well as team and client leadership. Moving into consulting management carries the dual responsibility of serving both our clients as well as continuously improving the operations while driving strategic objectives of our consultancy. Upon reaching partnership, successful consultants provide provocative thought leadership in their respective areas, creating sustainable improvements within the world around them and serving as key strategic enablers for the clients we serve.


Throughout this journey, you can expect a challenging and enriching development path, preparing you to tackle and solve the world's most difficult problems successfully.



Performance-based development

PP&A consultants join our organization with strong educational backgrounds and solid prior experiences. Using a structured career progression framework as a basis, an individual's unique rate of development is the primary driver of career advancement. Our objective is to build all of our people with the end goal of partnership in mind. 


We are excited to see the levels of greatness our consultants are able to reach.


Professional Evolution of Consultants

Over the course of a consulting career, consultants will build skills in five key areas. Starting out with a focus on hands-on project delivery as the basis for advancement into project management. Progressing further, Consultant's contributions will increase in building and shaping our firm. At later career-levels consultants are able to leverage substantial insights gained from many years of experience in both industry and consulting to provide thought leadership for our clients.


Building a better future together

Analyst / Senior Analyst

Analysts at PP&A can look forward to being deeply engaged in challenging client projects. Working with experienced project leadership, Analysts play a vital role in producing critical materials and deliverables as prescribed by the respective engagements. During this role, Analysts build the foundations of the consulting profession as they encounter and employ consulting frameworks and approaches used to solve client problems and create solutions. Senior consulting staff, training, and on the job learning, are the key elements used to support and grow Analysts for future consulting engagements.  


Consultants have developed proficiencies in several areas of composing client deliverables, including market research, document composition, data analysis, financial modeling, and interviews. This role entails a steep learning curve as consultants gain and improve upon this expertise by working with and applying frameworks to develop client solutions. Consultants grow primarily through hands-on experience while working on projects solving complex client problems, supplemented through guided mentorship from senior consulting staff and targeted training efforts focused on building consulting capabilities. 

Senior Consultant

Senior Consultants have gained significant proficiency working with and employing consulting frameworks to create client solutions and have developed a strong degree of functional and industry expertise. With this expertise Senior Consultants take on first roles of leadership by supporting and guiding junior consulting staff in the composition of their respective deliverables. During engagements, they are responsible for structuring and ensuring the delivery of completed client-ready deliverables independently. With this increased responsibility, Senior Consultants will also have the opportunity to present selected components to clients during update and report out presentations. 

Project Manager

Project Managers are at the point of having gained significant functional and industry specific expertise and are in a position of leadership for both project teams and clients. During engagements, Project Managers play leading roles in individual projects by structuring approaches, activities, and timeframes used to develop customized solutions to create new value for clients. 

Project Manager development areas focus on building general management skills and the ability to motivate and bring out the best results from others. As leaders on projects and within the organization, their responsibilities include training and leading junior staff, ensuring successful project executions, and facilitating the ongoing improvement of our practice areas. Having established client relationships during past engagements, Project Managers look to further build upon to these to provide deeper levels of support within client organizations. 


Our Directors serve as senior leadership for consulting and client teams. Leveraging vast functional and consulting expertise gained from many years of industry or consulting experience, Directors actively push new frontiers of thinking and are leading experts in their fields. Overseeing multiple client engagements, our Directors adopt a big picture perspective, ensuring the organization’s strategic objectives are being carried out on multiple levels. 


Increased responsibility of organizational development rests on their shoulders, as our internal organization and clients look to directors for strategic guidance and leadership. Directors build value by working with clients and consultants to solve the most complex problems by developing and putting forth innovative solutions and frameworks that generate substantial value propositions for our clients. 

Associate Partner / Partner

Partners at PP&A are at the forefront of our organization's thought leadership and carry the responsibility of ensuring sustainable business practices and value generation for our organization and the clients we serve. This responsibility is not given lightly, as Partners will have proven themselves during their substantial careers. With a strong track record of significant achievements in creating value for our clients and our organization, Partners have demonstrated significant leadership and management capabilities across-the-board. At the helm of our organization they providing strategic direction and guide the overall sustainability and success of the firm’s endeavors by instilling and fostering winning values within our teams. 

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