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Upload your documents

Put the finishing touches on your profile by uploading your relevant files and documents including your resume, profile picture and work samples.


Please upload your current resume:

  • Supported file types are pdf and doc

  • Maximum file size of 2Mb

Upload Resume

Profile Picture

Please upload a profile picture:

  • Supported file types are jpg, jpeg, png, and gif

  • Maximum file size of 3Mb

Upload Picture

Work Samples/Case Studies

Show off your unique experience and capabilities by uploading work samples and case studies. These elements allow your profile to stand out in unique way using a storytelling approach to show how you have and can help the clients you support. Work samples and case studies are used in positioning your profile and marketing your skills with potential clients:

  • Work Samples and Case Studies should clearly illustrate three elements which are Client Situation, Approach, and Results Achieved

  • Supported file types are pdf, ppt, and doc

  • A total of 3 files can be uploaded each with a maximum file size of 5Mb

  • Important: Please ensure that case studies and work samples are sanitized and do not disclose confidential information

Upload Example 1
Upload Example 2
Upload Example 3
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