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Enabling Expansion of Service Offerings for a Global IT Services Company

PP&A Case Study

A major IT service industry player, our client has built a strong reputation in providing staff augmentation and technology-focused services. As the market continues to evolve, the client decided to explore expanding their service offerings, moving into more sophisticated consulting services to stay ahead of the competition.

Client Situation

The client faced challenges sustaining growth and differentiating themselves in an increasingly crowded market. They needed to assess the feasibility and potential benefits of expanding into strategic consulting services to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Our Approach

Market Research and Analysis

We conducted a comprehensive market research study, using a combination of expert interviews and desk research to gather data and identify trends related to service offerings expansion. Our analysis of the data uncovered the following key trends:

  • Growing demand for specialized expertise in emerging technologies and industry verticals.

  • Market consolidation as larger organizations acquire smaller niche players to expand their service portfolios.

  • Increasing emphasis on outcome-based engagements and value-added services to differentiate from competitors.

These trends indicated that organizations expanding their service offerings or non-professional services organizations entering the professional services domain could potentially capitalize on new market opportunities.

Assessing Internal Capabilities

Our team assessed the client's strengths and areas for improvement in terms of knowledge workers, thought leadership, and technology-focused expertise. We measured their capabilities against industry benchmarks and best practices identified through our research. We recommended investments and strategic initiatives to build a strong consulting practice based on our findings.

Developing an Expansion Strategy

We outlined a phased approach for the client to expand their service offerings and move into strategic consulting services. The plan included key milestones and performance indicators to track progress, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to their existing business.

Key Takeaways for Expanding Service Offerings Successfully:

  1. Develop a deep understanding of the market and its dynamics, including potential threats and opportunities.

  2. Assess the organization's internal capabilities against industry benchmarks and best practices to identify gaps and areas for improvement.

  3. Create a detailed expansion strategy with clear milestones and performance indicators to track progress and ensure a successful transition.

  4. Conclusion

Our support in helping the client assess and study their expansion into higher levels of consulting services proved invaluable. By enabling a successful expansion of their service offerings, we have equipped the client with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in a dynamic and competitive market. Our approach, leveraging expert interviews and thorough market research, demonstrates the power of tailored analysis and strategic planning in driving business growth and success.



PP&A is an international strategy consultancy focused on helping leaders achieve growth, improve performance, and simplify complexity. We use analytics, research, and strategic know-how to provide insights and solutions for leaders looking to advance their objectives. To learn more about PP&A and explore how we may help advance one of your professional efforts, don't hesitate to reach out and contact us below.


Chris Peoples | Managing Partner at PP&A

Chris is the Managing Partner at PP&A and has consulted for leading organizations worldwide for over ten years. As a seasoned organizational strategist and an avid technologist, he specializes in helping world-class organizations access new markets, grow existing businesses, and improve operating performance.

Contact Details:

Phone: +1 610-427-1032

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