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Leveraging AI/ML Monetization Strategies for a Leading Technology Company

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

PP&A Case Study


A leading technology company, which has been offering its suite of AI/ML products for free, sought to monetize these services by providing customized solutions and deployments. Our team was tasked with conducting a strategic study on potential monetization approaches for these AI/ML products and identifying profitable industry verticals.


To address the client's needs, our team employed an expert interview-focused approach, drawing insights from professionals in the AI/ML industry. We assessed AI/ML adoption across various industry verticals, including healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. Additionally, we explored possible use cases for the company's AI/ML product offerings, such as fraud detection, predictive maintenance, and personalized marketing.


Our strategic study provided valuable insights into industry-specific deployment opportunities for the client's AI/ML products. By understanding the unique challenges each vertical faced, we could recommend tailored solutions. For instance, in healthcare, we identified opportunities in diagnostic imaging and drug discovery, while in finance, we pinpointed applications in risk assessment and fraud detection.

These insights enabled the client to prioritize their monetization efforts in high-impact sectors, resulting in increased revenue from their AI/ML products. The client successfully implemented several customized solutions, driving growth and expanding their market presence.

This case study demonstrates our expertise in conducting strategic studies within the technology sector, particularly for clients seeking to monetize their AI/ML products. Our expert interview-focused approach and industry knowledge enable us to provide valuable insights and recommendations, empowering clients to make informed decisions. To learn more about how our strategic studies can benefit your organization, please contact us.



PP&A is an international strategy consultancy focused on helping leaders achieve growth, improve performance, and simplify complexity. We use analytics, research, and strategic know-how to provide insights and solutions for leaders looking to advance their objectives. To learn more about PP&A and explore how we may help advance one of your professional efforts, don't hesitate to reach out and contact us below.


Chris Peoples | Managing Partner at PP&A

Chris is the Managing Partner at PP&A and has consulted for leading organizations worldwide for over ten years. As a seasoned organizational strategist and an avid technologist, he specializes in helping world-class organizations access new markets, grow existing businesses, and improve operating performance.

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