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A 2018 Snapshot of Blockchain in Energy

A 2018 Snapshot of Blockchain in the Energy Industry

A PP&A Market Study

March 19, 2018


In 2018, PP&A analyzed over 100 companies developing solutions for the energy sector utilizing blockchain technology as a basis for one of the first studies of its kind dedicated specifically to understanding the role of blockchain in the space, the “A 2018 Snapshot of Blockchain in the Energy Industry” study.  Based on these efforts, we have defined 6 Use Case categories applicable to the energy sector.  As blockchain technology continues to develop, innovative energy organizations are exploring ways to use the technology to:

  • Reduce operating costs by lowering transactional friction
  • Develop new innovative business models leveraging concepts around shared attributes
  • Streamline and digitize interactions between stakeholders in and around the energy business
  • Facilitate and simplify compliance structures

A 2018 Snapshot of Blockchain in Energy

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  • Main Section

    • Energy trends impacting organizations
    • What is Blockchain?
    • How does blockchain work?
    • How do transactions between parties happened today?
    • How do transactions happen with blockchain?
    • Traditional energy delivery and transaction flow w. net metering
    • Energy delivery and transaction flow with blockchain – P2P
    • Value propositions for energy users
    • Application categories for blockchain use cases in energy
    • Blockchain companies in energy by application and phase
    • Blockchain companies in energy by global positioning
    • Selected examples of energy blockchain companies
    • Challenges to the adoption of blockchain technology
    • Lessons learned from +100 energy blockchain companies


    • Appendix I – Application category 1 companies
    • Appendix II – Application category 2 companies
    • Appendix III – Application category 3 companies
    • Appendix IV – Application category 4 companies
    • Appendix V – Application category 5 companies
    • Appendix VI – Application category 6 companies
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