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Market intelligence and project data for industry-specific applications and technologies


Energy and Environment Sector


Take advantage of our special introductory pricing structure. Our team of data specialists, industry experts, and partnership developers working tirelessly to continue build out and to provide steady updates to the projectScape platform.


As an early subscriber to our platform, users we look forward to welcoming you to our community. You will be pivotal member in shaping this platform with the goal of facilitating the development and deployment of innovative technologies.


Our first projectScape library in the energy and environment sector covers blockchain and distributed ledger technology projects. Early members will benefit from additional libraries as they are developed and released.


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Included projectScape | Energy & Environment Libraries:

  • Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies in the Energy and Environment Sector

Important: We are in a Beta deployment phase

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Early Beta Access

This is an early release of our projectScape Market Intelligence Platform. This means that


1. Profiles are still under development

Our team is still hard at work completing and updating the profiles included within the platform. Not only this but we are tracking the continued evolution of the companies and projects within so you can expect consistent updates as we provide the most timely data on the sector available.


2. The Platform is still under development

The platform is still under development

With this early release, our developers are working hard to improve and optimize various technical elements of the platform, add features, and update the interface.

3. You can help shape our efforts

As an early subscriber, your feedback and input will help us shape and adjust this platform in a way which maximizes the utility for our users. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you as we continue to refine this platform for our users.

4. You will receive a free report

By being an early subscriber to the platform you will be among the first to get our unique insights and perspectives around this innovative topic. Also, and as a thank you to our early supporters we will include a free version of our next Snapshot of Blockchain in the Energy Sector report which will leverage the full insights of our finished platform.

What is included in projectScape

Blockchain technology in the Energy and Environment Sector

The Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies Library covers blockchain projects found in and around the energy and environment sector. This includes projects found across the energy value chain with applications ranging from consumer-level to commercial & industrial grade deployments.

Project-level data

Projects found within include detailed descriptions and are segmented by:

  • Project status

  • Project phase

  • Value chain position

  • Industry applications

  • Scale of deployment

  • Level of adoption

Company-level data

In addition to project-level data, projectScape includes relevant company-level information including:

  • Descriptions and overviews

  • Management team

  • Funding and Investors

  • M&A activity

Industries in focus

Includes projects found across the energy value chain and covering specific industry deployments found in:



Recycling & waste management


Natural gas



Who should use projectScape

projectScape is a useful tool for a variety of individuals in and around the energy and environrment sector whether for the purposes of screening for new investment opportunities or gaining a better understanding of trends or the state of the market. Relevant individuals can include:

  • Individuals active in and around the energy and environment sectors

  • Corporate innovation and Utility of the Future departments

  • Blockchain technology solutions providers

  • IT and engineering executives and managers

  • Regulators and regulatory staff

  • Energy market analysts and economists

  • Educational institutions focusing on energy innovation and energy markets

  • Investors and financiers active in the energy or the blockchain technology sector


Stay up to date on innovation with a trusted source of information which is updated on a continuous basis by our dedicated team of experts 


Improve your decision making by keeping all of the key information at your fingertips whether you are looking for your next project partner or screening an investment opportunity


projectScape includes a unique set of searchable projects found within specific industry and technology categories


Save time by benefiting from our curated data sets which are managed by industry and technology experts

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