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PP&A is featured at the NCAC-USAEE 22nd Annual Meeting on Energy Economics and Policy

This year marks the 22nd annual meeting held by the National Capital Area Chapter of the United States Association for Energy Economics (NCAC-USAEE) on energy economics and policy. The title of the conference was, “Energy Technologies and Innovations: A Disturbance in the [Market] Force.” This event explored technological innovations in the energy sector impacting market dynamics regarding supply and demand.

As a recognized expert in the energy, technology, and innovation sectors, PP&A's Managing Partner attended this event as a panel speaker for the topic of, "Innovation: A New Hope in Energy." This panel focused on providing perspectives about how technological change is part of a free market economy, and why the scope and magnitude seems to be greater now than at other times. In the context of these innovations which are poised to make big impacts on the energy sector, PP&A's Managing Partner provided insights on how blockchain is being used in the energy space today, what this may look like in the future, and what organizations today can do to be prepared for the changes.

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