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PP&A moderates the opening panel at the EUCI's "Blockchain Technology for the Energy Sector

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Invited as a speaker at EUCI's conference in Houston, Texas on "Blockchain Technology for the Energy Sector", PP&A's Managing Partner will be moderating the opening panel consisting of experts from EnLedger, K&L Gates, and Blackstone Energy Services. The panel will serve as the opening discussion, setting the stage for the subsequent topics covered during the event to include use case, state of the technology, and regulatory considerations.

Panel Topics: Blockchain’s Growing Role: Energy Sector Opportunities & Regulatory Barriers

  • State of the blockchain market and technology growth

  • Key qualities of blockchain technology and their industry applications

  • Overview of blockchain technology functions and processes

  • Determining if blockchain is right for a specific business

  • Legal and regulatory considerations surrounding blockchain implementation

  • Regional, political and jurisdictional complexities

  • Legal and regulatory barriers

  • What are the applications of blockchain technology in the energy industry?

  • Crypto-currencies as a means for paying electricity bills

  • Trading energy via smart contracts

  • Oil and LNG tracking and trading

  • Transactive energy systems/peer-to-peer markets

  • Distributed energy resource management

  • Renewable energy credit (REC) and other sustainability certificates

  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging applications

  • Improving existing systems

  • Utility billing

  • Demand response programs

  • Wholesale energy trading

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