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Building a Quantum Computing Platform Strategy

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

PP&A Case Study


Quantum Computing is at a fascinating stage of development, and a diverse set of players are participating and carving out spaces in unique ways. As rapidly as the technology is evolving, so too are the applications and requirements of early and future users of quantum processing platforms. Based on this, a Fortune-listed technology company engaged PP&A to support its platform development efforts by providing key insights into the evolving expectations, applications, and jobs to be done by quantum computing today and in the near future. Specifically, our client was looking to develop an in-depth understanding of the following:

  • What does a typical user's journey in quantum computing look like?

  • How do users leverage quantum computing platforms across their various roles and responsibilities?

  • What are the primary needs driving purchasing decisions for quantum computing platforms today?

  • What influences the decision to select one platform provider over another?

  • How do users perceive quantum computing platforms offered by key providers such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, IonQ, etc.?

  • What are some common pain points that users experience when using specific platforms?


To achieve these client objectives, PP&A led a strategic study effort for the client along the lines of a Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) framework. This study utilized data from a set of expert interviews combine with desktop research as inputs. Expert interviews focused on gathering insights from a mix of the following:

  • Current corporate-level users of quantum computing

  • Quantum computing academics

  • Quantum computing service/platform providers

By gathering insights from a mix of quantum computing experts, the team mapped the quantum computing user's journey from a diverse group of user and industry groups. Over the course of the study, the project team worked to highlight key elements in a quantum computing user's experience, including:

  • Current jobs and use cases applicable to quantum computing

  • Awareness and evaluation processes when dealing with quantum computing platforms

  • Perceptions around the current landscape of quantum computing offerings and providers

  • Key factors leading to platform choices and purchasing decisions

  • Pain points and opportunity areas for quantum computing platform providers to position themselves and grow

As we defined and laid out the key criteria used to evaluate quantum computing platforms, we used these to assess these platforms from a user's perspective. Using these criteria, we systematically evaluated today's leading platform providers along the following lines to create a side-by-side performance comparison.

  • Application flexibility

  • Developer community

  • Pricing

  • Types of solvers or hybrid processing capabilities

  • Learning, development support, and documentation

  • Access to processing power/reliability

  • Ease of use

  • IDE & SDK

  • Processing performance/power


Our comprehensive quantum computing platform strategy study provided the client with a detailed understanding of quantum computing users' needs, expectations, and decision-making criteria when selecting quantum computing platforms. Leveraging real-world data-driven insights from this project supported our client in making strategic decisions for their quantum computing platform development strategy and their internal business planning efforts. The client was also able to highlight key areas of improvement and opportunities for their quantum computing platform in comparison with other leading quantum computing platforms. This provided them with a competitive edge when positioning their quantum computing platform in the market by honing in on users who value the specific strengths and features of their platform.



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Chris Peoples | Managing Partner at PP&A

Chris is the Managing Partner at PP&A and has consulted for leading organizations worldwide for over ten years. As a seasoned organizational strategist and an avid technologist, he specializes in helping world-class organizations access new markets, grow existing businesses, and improve operating performance.

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