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Unlocking Opportunities in Generative AI: A Strategic Approach for a Leading Cloud Service Provider

PP&A Case Study

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With the rapid rise of consumer-friendly large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, a leading cloud service provider, recognized the need to understand its unique position within the market and identify opportunities to launch and grow its own GenAI platform. The challenges ranged from understanding the GenAI landscape to evaluating the organization's standing, intended strategic product focus, and considerations around GenAI regulations and ethics.

The client's objectives were clear:

  • Assess the market and identify various organizational use cases of GenAI across different industry verticals

  • Guide the development of client GenAI offerings

  • Refine sales approaches based on an understanding of executive and key decision-maker personas

  • Identify opportunities and risks within the GenAI landscape

PP&A supported this client in addressing the challenges and meeting their objectives by conducting a comprehensive study.


To navigate these challenges, we employed a comprehensive study approach combining research and interviews with 12 executives and data leaders from leading organizations.

As part of this research, the team explored the following themes with the executives in line with the client’s objectives.

  1. Assessing Executive Sentiment on GenAI: Explored key themes that are emerging around the topic of GenAI with a focus on the organizational context

  2. Understanding Customer Needs and Sales Strategy: A thorough analysis of potential customers' needs, preferences, and maturity was conducted to refine sales techniques and approaches for the organization's GenAI offerings

  3. Highlighting Current GenAI Use Cases: Detailing the various use cases of GenAI being explored, showcasing the value propositions and considerations around using GenAI today

  4. Understanding the Journey and Decision Making: The decision-making processes within organizations and executive teams were analyzed to tailor GenAI offerings to meet specific needs and meet the customers at their level

  5. Industry-Specific Insights: Explored key differentiators and GenAI trends across key verticals, including technology, finance, media and entertainment, and retail sectors

  6. Explore Risks and Ethical Considerations: Highlighted and characterized key risks and uncertainties perceived around GenAI today and explored mitigation approaches and strategies


The journey into the world of GenAI yielded significant insights and achievements for the organization. First and foremost, the organization gained valuable insights into its position within the market, discovering numerous growth opportunities, including specifics around development goals for its ready-to-use Large Language Models (LLMs). This understanding was pivotal in guiding the organization's strategic focus, allowing them to align with customer preferences and market trends. Furthermore, by understanding the competitive landscape, the organization was equipped to navigate the market with confidence and urgency to position itself as a formidable player in the GenAI space. Lastly, the insights supported the continued development of a robust risk management framework to help ensure responsible innovation within the bounds of regulations and ethics, reflecting the organization's commitment to ethical practices in the rapidly evolving field of GenAI.

The exploration of GenAI provided the leading cloud service provider with a roadmap to success. Through a systematic approach, the organization could understand the GenAI landscape, refine its strategies, and position itself for growth in a dynamic and competitive market.



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Chris Peoples | Managing Partner at PP&A

Chris is the Managing Partner at PP&A and has consulted for leading organizations worldwide for over ten years. As a seasoned organizational strategist and an avid technologist, he specializes in helping world-class organizations access new markets, grow existing businesses, and improve operating performance.

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